You are always a VIP at Southwest Elementary

I bet you are wondering, who is exactly a VIP and am I a VIP? Well, if you are reading this, YOU ARE A VIP, Very Important Person to our school. You are the reason WHY Southwest Elementary  stands out above the rest.  YOU ARE A VIP!

You already play a key role in developing children into responsible citizens. Our students’ eyes are watching you at the store, at the restaurant and in the car. Students are dreaming about being just like you one day.

We are a community that is deeply rooted in students’ success, but that is not the only thing we are focused on. Think about Southwest Elementary as a sports team for a minute. Students are the players, teachers are the coaches, and you, the community around Southwest, are the fans. The fans make an enormous impact on the players, just like our community around Southwest makes an impact on our students. They are the driving force that makes the team a whole. Fans support something they believe in, just like as the community, you support Southwest. Players play better when they can hear the crowd of fans and know they are supported. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

 We as a school want to make you feel welcomed and that you are a part of our team, just like a fan. You, attending school events is one of the best things you can do. No matter if you are a family friend, parent, guardian, mentor or anyone who takes their time to invest in a student, your presence at our school events is important. You may never know how much it means to a child for you to be there. It shows students that you are supportive and proud of their successes and achievements. We encourage you to come out to one of our events and experience the impact for yourself.

Also, Our PTO is absolutely wonderful and welcomes you whether you are a family member or an organization, your thoughts and opinions will be heard and valued. Once you or your organization are approved to volunteer through the school board, you can come in to the classroom and read books to students, tell the students why you chose your career, or just help make copies in the office for a teacher.  Any and all volunteer efforts are very much appreciated. Another way to be involved, is by simply asking if your child’s teacher or other teachers on campus need something that you can provide or could donate. Small things like a box of tissues or markers make a huge difference to our school.

Thank you already for the difference you make every day to support Southwest. You are a VIP to Southwest Elementary and we welcome you to our team.

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