2017-18 School and District Report Cards

The department is excited to announce the release of the beta version of Florida’s education reports portal, EduData (http://edudata.fldoe.org), which includes the 2017-18 School and District Report Cards. Redesigned to meet the requirements outlined in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the report cards will serve as a valuable resource for understanding important information about Florida’s districts and schools, and we look forward to this opportunity to receive input on their usability.

The report cards offer greater transparency into how the state, districts and schools are doing with regard to student achievement and success, including subgroup information, on the following key performance indicators for each district and school, as required by ESSA: the overall summative rating (district grade, school grade or school improvement rating); the breakdown of each component in the overall rating; whether a school is identified for support and detailed reasons for the identification; academic achievement, growth and participation, including alternate assessment participation; English Language Leaners’ proficiency and progress; middle school and college and career acceleration; discipline and attendance; graduation and postsecondary continuation; long-term goals and interim progress; accelerated course enrollment; and preschool enrollment. Additional data required by ESSA will be included in the report cards as we develop and expand them, including educator qualifications and equity, per-pupil expenditures, and national assessment data.

The department will continue to improve the report cards based on the feedback submitted
through this beta release, and we will provide news and updates to those who sign up through the
portal. Additionally, we would be happy to facilitate conversations with interested parties
regarding feedback and improvements to the report cards as we fine tune them over the next
several months. We encourage you to share this information with parents, educators and
stakeholders in your community so we can best meet their needs. For more information about the
2017-18 School and District Report Cards or the EduData portal, please contact the Division of
Accountability, Research and Measurement at BITeam@fldoe.org or 850-245-0437.